How can I restore my Google Drive data from the SysCloud backup application?

Applicable for the Turbo backup version

Follow the steps below to restore the Google Drive data from the SysCloud backup application: 

Step 1: Log in to SysCloud using your admin credentials. 

Step 2: Click on Archives and select Google Drive from the Backup and Restore dropdown. Select the user account from the list by clicking the checkbox next to the account name and click on Restore
Archives - Google Drive

Select the user and click Restore

Note: You can also restore your Google Drive data by navigating to the App Archives. Select Google Drive in the app archive and then select a user account to restore the Google Drive data by clicking the checkbox next to the username and click on Restore. 

Step 3: In the restore pop-up box, select the snapshot date and time and select an account to restore the data.  

Restore pop-up-1

Note: By default, data is restored to the same account from which it was deleted. To perform a cross-user restore, you can select a different account of the same domain. 

Step 4: Click on the checkbox next to the restore options to restore all sharing permissions and to restore Drive data to a new folder. 

Restore pop-up (1)

1. If “Restore all share permissions” is selected, the collaborator(s) of the original file will also have access to the restored file. 

2. If “Create a new folder to restore” is selected, SysCloud will create a new folder in Drive to house the restored data for easy access. 

Step 5: Add comments to be shown in the Restore Report (optional) and click on Restore to confirm the restore.  

Restore pop-up (2)