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Introducing Ransomware Detection for SysCloud Backup and Safety, Security & Compliance

Now available is a new ransomware detection feature in the SysCloud Security and Backup app that will scan your Google Drive and OneDrive for potential ransomware threats.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses and educational institutions to shift to work from home and learn from home model. With increased user activity and collaboration online, cloud data has become more vulnerable than ever to ransomware and phishing attacks.
A ransomware attack can encrypt your cloud data through malicious or compromised 3rd-party apps that have access to your Drive/OneDrive data. The two-way sync apps offered by G Suite and Office 365 that syncs your Google Drive or OneDrive with your local computer also leave you vulnerable to a ransomware attack.
With the new ransomware detection feature, SysCloud customers will now have an additional security net.

Ransomware policy template for the SysCloud Safety, Security & Compliance module

You can now create customized ransomware violation policies to easily detect malicious documents in your Google Drive or OneDrive. You can also take real-time actions to transfer file ownership or remove document permissions. 

To activate this feature in the SysCloud app, please go to Safety, Security & Compliance > Create Policy > Ransomware . You can customize the policy to fit your organization’s needs from here.

Create ransomware policy - Copy

To learn more about creating a ransomware policy, please read our detailed Knowledge Base article: 

How to create and manage the ransomware policy?

Automatic ransomware scan for the SysCloud Backup module

Our backup module now goes beyond just backup. We will automatically scan your backup archives for any malicious files.

If SysCloud detects any malicious document in your backup archive you will see an alert in the backup dashboard. Admins can now drill-down from the dashboard to investigate the threat type and view the impacted users and files.

Ransomware feature update

To learn more about ransomware detection for backup, please read our in depth Knowledge Base article:

What should you do when SysCloud detects ransomware in your backup archives?