How to restore an entire application: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contact, or Sites?

Follow these steps to restore an entire application’s data from the SysCloud Backup Application:

    1. Log in to the SysCloud Backup Application.
    2. Click “Backup”→“Archive & Restore.”

      backup_archive restore (1)
    3. Select the required G Suite app: Mail, Drive, Contact, Calendar, or Sites.

      select application_drive
    4. Click “Restore” and select “All.”



Restoring an entire application will take some time depending on the size of data and the number of files present in the application. You can check the progress by following these steps:

    1. Select “Backup” and click “Reports.”

      backup_reports (1)
    2. Select “Restore Report” to view the restore progress.

      backup_restore report

      Note: If you encounter a “No permission” exception, ask the owner of the files to reshare them. This is because you can restore only the files owned by you.