Why are some users in my domain unable to access the SysCloud application to manage their backup?

If users are unable to access the SysCloud application, please follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. User sync: if users have been newly added to the Admin Console and not synced with the application, they would not be able to access the application. You can initiate on-demand sync with these steps:
    1. Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Domains.”

      active user suspended_manage domains
    2. Click the “Domain Sync” icon to sync your users.

      Domain sync
  2. End-user access: If end-user access is not turned on for your domain, users cannot open or use the application. Follow these steps to turn on the end-user access for your domain:
    1. Click “Setup”→“Settings”→“End-User Access.”

      End-user access
    2. Select “Domain Level” and toggle the “Backup” to ON.

      Application access issue_Domain level backup on
  3. Single Sign-On: If users are trying to access the application from the “Google Apps” icon, then they might face an issue. Ask users to try logging in directly through the SysCloud login page.

If you still face issues, contact helpdesk@syscloud.com.