How to set up a backup for a Salesforce organization using the SysCloud backup application?

Note: Only the organization owner can set up a Salesforce backup with SysCloud.

Follow the steps below to set up a backup for your Salesforce organization using SysCloud:  

Step 1: Log in to your SysCloud backup account.  

Step 2: Navigate to “Other Clouds -> Salesforce.” 

Step 3: Click “Connect and add organizations” and “Done.” 

Step 4: Choose the organizations you want to connect with SysCloud. Click “Done.” 

Step 5: SysCloud’s auto-backup feature is ON for all Salesforce organizations by default. Unselect the checkbox next to the Salesforce organization to disable auto-backup. If auto-backup is disabled, any new Salesforce data are not backed up automatically. 

Step 6: Choose the retention type. 

By default, Salesforce data are retained in the SysCloud backup archives for an unlimited period. To add a custom retention period, uncheck the Unlimited option and enter the custom retention period. Click “Confirm” and then “Start backup.”