Manage Licenses (Legacy backup)

How does SysCloud calculate the full-time equivalency (FTE) for user licenses?

Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) for user licenses is calculated based on your: 1. Current plan: monthly or yearly subscription 2. User credit: 1 user license = 1 user credit


  • Adding a user to the backup application will automatically consume a user credit and its corresponding license.
  • You can get more licenses by removing unused accounts from the user list on the application to free up user credits. You can also contact to purchase additional licenses.
  • If you are using the storage-based plan, you will have unlimited licenses.
  • If you remove licenses in the middle of the subscription period, you will be charged for the licenses for the remaining duration of the subscription plan.
  • If you add new licenses, it will be added to your subscription plan and billed as an add-on.