Error messages

You might encounter the error message “Unable to restore due to user not having impersonation permission” in the Backup Archives page/Dashboard (Backup Health section)/Backup Health Status Report.

This is a permanent error and requires a workaround.

Error Message: The user does not have an impersonation role set up.

The Outlook email cannot be restored to the user because the user does not have the impersonation role added. Impersonation enables SysCloud to impersonate a user account. SysCloud can perform operations by using the permissions that are associated with the impersonated account. This permission is needed by SysCloud to restore Outlook emails to an Office 365 user’s account.



Your Exchange server administrator will need to grant any service account that will be impersonating other users the Application Impersonation role. Please refer to this link to add the impersonation role in your Office 365 account.