Can I exclude certain file types from being uploaded to the Drive (Google Drive or OneDrive)?

You cannot prevent files from being uploaded, however, you can quarantine files and revert sharing permissions based on file types. Follow these steps to create a policy:

  1. Log in to SysCloud with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Compliance”→“Create Policy.”

    exclude file type policy_create policy
  3. Mouse over “SENSITIVE AUTH DATA” and click “View and edit policy.”

    exclude file type_view and edit policy
  4. Select from the available options for applying the policy.

    exclude file type policy_policy apply
  5. Select the applications for applying the policy.
    exclude file type policy_applicationsNote: If you are an Office 365 user, select OneDrive and/or Outlook.
  6. Select “No” for “Do you want to apply the policy to all of the files and folders?”
    exclude file type policy_no
  7. Under “File MIME types,” select the types of files.

    exclude file type policy_file mime types

    Note: You can add other types of files such as .exe, .msi, .reg, .bat, .vbs, .cmd, and so on.

  8. Set the conditions for content, file, and email.
  9. Select the actions to be taken in case of violations, the exceptions, and the notification settings.
  10.  Click “Finish & Activate.”

    exclude file type policy_Finish _ Activate