Why am I not able to download exported files?

If you are unable to download exported files, it could be due to one of these reasons:

    1. Download limit: If you exceeded your download limit, you will not be able to export the files. To know how to check your download limit, click here. If you have exceeded your download limit, contact sales@syscloud.com to upgrade.
    2. Server issues: There could be server issues like internal server error, connectivity problem or server load issues. Try exporting the files after some time.
    3. Delay in creating download link: Generating the link for downloading the files depend on file size and number of files. 


    • If the number of files is large (maximum 10,000 files),  it will be split into batches for download.
    • If some of the files fail to export, the application will retry to export the failed items before completing the process.