How do I create a policy that monitors the email activity of a specific user?

Follow these steps to create a policy for flagging a user’s email activity:

  1. Log in to the SysCloud Application with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Safety, Security & Compliance”→“Create Policy.”

    create policy-1
  3. Select “Sharing Control”

    Sharing control
  4. Enter the name for the policy and click “NEXT.”

    Policy name - sharing control
  5. Select the scope for the policy: users, groups, org units, or the entire domain, and click “NEXT.”

    Policy apply to these
  6. Select the accounts where the policy needs to be applied and click “NEXT.”

    policy account names
  7. Select the email application: Gmail (G Suite) or Outlook (Office 365) and click “NEXT.”

    Select application for policy
  8. Select whether you want to apply the policy to all files or not.

    Document criteria for policy
  9. Select if you want to share files outside the organization or not and click “NEXT”.

    Policy file sharing conditions
  10. Select if you want to revert sharing permissions or not if the policy is violated and click on “NEXT”.

    Policy real time actions
  11. Select whether you want to allow users to request exceptions on policy violations and click “Next.”

    Exception management-2
  12. Choose the team members to be notified in case of policy violations. You can also select whether the policy violations need to be included in the daily summary email.

    Policy incident reporting
  13. Click “CREATE & ACTIVATE.”

    Create and activate policy