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How do I create a Web Filter policy?

Follow these steps to create a Web Filter Policy:

  1. Log in to the SysCloud Application with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Safety, Security & Compliance”→“Create Policy.”

    create policy-1
  3. Click “Webfilter.”

    Webfilter option
  4. Select the “Web Filter” policy.

    Webfilter policy
  5. Give a name for the policy.

    name the policy
  6. Select the scope for the policy: Org units or the entire domain, and click “NEXT.”

    Scope for policy
  7. Select the categories of URLs to be restricted for the users and click “NEXT.”

    URLs to be restricted

    Note: You can also customize the category by hovering over the category name and clicking “Customize.”

  8. Add keywords to be included in the web filter – The web filter will check the URLs for the keywords and notify in case of violations.

    Add Keywords
  9. Select the course of action for web filter violations:
    * Only check if the restricted sites are visited,
    * Check if the restricted sites are visited by the user and show warning, or
    * Check if the restricted sites are visited by the user and block the website.

    Real-time actions
  10. Choose the team members to be notified in case of policy violations. 

    Team members to be notified
    Note: You can also select whether the policy violations need to be included in the daily summary email.
  11. Click “CREATE & ACTIVATE.”

    Create and activate policy