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How do I create an Apps Firewall Policy?

Follow these steps to create an Apps Firewall Policy:

  1. Log in to the SysCloud Application with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Safety, Security & Compliance”→“Create Policy.”

    create policy-1
  3. Click “Apps Firewall” on the left-hand side pane.

    select the Apps firewall option
  4. Choose the type of policy from the policy list, and enter the name for the policy.
    Give a policy name
  5. Select the scope for the policy: users, groups, org units, or the entire domain and click “NEXT.”
    scope of the policy
  6. Select the type of access for the policy.

    Type of policy access
  7. Select the applications that you want to be restricted or allowed by choosing the type of policy, select the applications, and click “NEXT.”

    Access level

    Note: You can also filter the applications based on their presence in your domain or their access level.
  8. Choose whether you want to revoke users’ access to the applications that violate the policy.

    Real time action in policy
  9. Select whether you want to allow users to request exceptions on policy violations.

    Exception management-1
  10. Choose the team members to be notified in case of policy violations. You can also select whether the policy violations need to be included in the daily summary email.

    Policy violation reporting and commnication
  11. Click “CREATE & ACTIVATE.”

    Create and activate policy