How do I restore a folder for a user?

Follow the steps to restore a folder from a user’s backup archive:

  • Log in to SysCloud Backup Application with your credentials.
  • Click “Backup”→“Archive & Restore."
Archive and Restore-1
  • Click on the user whose data you want to restore and select “Drive.”
  • Click on the drop-down icon next to “OneDrive” and select the folders you want to restore.

    Restore Drive Data

Note: You can restore only a folder or both the folder and its subfolders.

  • Click “Restore” and choose “Selected Folder.”

    Restore Selected Folder

The chosen folders will be restored to the user’s OneDrive.


  1. You will receive a confirmation email after completion of the restore process.
  2. You can restore older versions of files only. Accounts or specific folders cannot be restored to their respective older instances. 
  3. When folders are deleted, they will not be removed from the backup archive – unless you manually delete them from the application. Any new folder added after backup completion will be added to the archive in the next cycle.
  4. The speed of file or folder restore depends on the size, format, and number of files.