How do I restore a Shared Drive (Team Drive)?

Follow these steps to restore a Shared Drive:

  1. Log in to SysCloud Backup Application with your G Suite credentials.
  2. Click “Backup” → “Archive & Restore.

    Archive and Restore-1
  3. Locate the user and select “Drive.”
    1. Click on the caret-right icon beside “Shared Drive” to view the shared files and folders.

      Shared Drive - Select folder
    2. Select the files and folders.

      Shared Drive - Select Files
    3. Click “Restore”→“Selected Items.”

      Office 365 restore all

    If you are unable to find the option, follow these steps to enable “Shared Drive.”

    1. Click “Backup” → “Settings” → “Backup Settings.”

      Backup settings-1
    2. Under the “Data” section, toggle ‘Include Shared Drive” to “ON.”

      Data settings
    3. Click “SAVE SETTINGS.”

      Shared drive - Save settings


    1. You can also enable Shared Drive at the organizational unit level and user level.
    2. When you enable Shared Drive for a user account, it will take about 24 to 36 hours to be activated.