How to enable backup for video and audio files?

By default, video and audio files in your Drive will not be backed up. However, if you wish to backup audio and video files available on Drive, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings page from the Backup menu.

Backup Settings-3

Step 2: 
Turn off the Switch ON to exclude Video/Audio toggle buttons under the Drive section.

Select the option

Step 3: In the Apply to Whom section, select one of the two radio button options for How do you want to apply the settings. This will give you the option to either enable video and audio file backup for all users in your domain or only for users who will be added in the future.

Apply to whom

Step 4: 

Will email backup include video and audio files added as attachments?
If the video and audio files are not converted into Drive files links, they will be available in the email backup archives. All the video and audio files attached to emails and converted into Drive links because of attachment size restrictions, will be subject to the backup settings described in this article.