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How to install the SysCloud Web Filter on a Chromebook?

Follow these steps to add the SysCloud Web Filter extension to your Chrome browser:

  1. Log in to your G Suite Admin Console.
  2. Click “Devices.”

    G Suite Admin Console
  3. Click “Chrome management” on the left-hand side pane.

    Chrome Management
  4. Click  “Apps & extensions.”

    Apps & Extensions
  5. Click on the “+” icon.

    Add other Apps & Extensions

  6. Select the “Add from Chrome Web Store” icon.

    Add from Chrome Web Store
  7. Search “SysCloud Chromebook Filter” and click the “+ SELECT” button.

    SysCloud Chromebook Filter

  8. Click on the drop-down icon beside the SysCloud Chromebook Filter and select “Force install.”

    Force install of app
  9.  Click “SAVE.”

    SAVE changes