How to set-up a SysCloud account as an administrator?

Step 1: Navigate to the Free Trial page.

Step 2: Please select the “Yes” radio button under “Are you an administrator?”

Step 3: Type your business email/sign-up using Google or Microsoft. 

Note: If you signup using Google or Microsoft, the corresponding Google/Microsoft domain will be backed up automatically.

Step 4: Sign-up using business email- Once you enter your business email and password, you will be asked to verify your email address. You will receive a 6-digit verification code in your inbox.

Step 4: Sign-up using Google or Microsoft- Click “Sign up with Google/Microsoft” and choose the account you want to sign up with. 

Once the verification/authentication is complete, you can setup your SysCloud Free trial account. 

Step 5: Enter your basic details (includes name, company name, industry, company size). Click “Continue”.

Step 6: Choose the clouds you want to back up using SysCloud. Click “Continue.”

Step 7: Choose a data center location to store your backed up data at (this cannot be changed once the setup is complete).

Step 8: Click “Complete setup”.