How to remove the data of suspended users?

Follow these steps to delete the data of suspended users from the backup archive:

  • Log in to SysCloud Backup Application with your credentials.
  • Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Users.”

    Manage users-2
  • Click on the filter icon and locate the user.
  •  Click on the “Trash” icon to delete the user’s backup.

    Trash icon
  •  Click “Yes” to confirm the action.

    Manage users - confirm


  • Once a user is suspended, SysCloud will automatically suspend the backup for the user.
  • In case you want to perform bulk ‘suspended users’ data deletion, email the list to

Is there a data-aging report or a way to see how data ages?

No. We show only the current data statistics. We don't show historical progressions.

Is there a report to show the deletion of data based on a retention period?

No. Retention runs in the background and automatically deletes the data at the end of a retention period. There is no report for this feature.