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How do I resolve SysCloud Application access errors?

To resolve application accessibility issues, you should be a super administrator. If you are a super administrator, follow these steps to grant the necessary permissions for accessing the SysCloud Application:

If you find application access errors it could be due to three reasons:

i.   The application was not turned on for everyone
ii.  You have not granted data access for the application
iii. API access has not been given by the admin
  1. Log in to the G Suite Admin Console.
  2. Click “Apps.”

    click on apps
  3. Click “Marketplace apps.”

    Click on marketplace apps
  4. Scroll down till you reach “SysCloud Security and Backup”, and click on it.

    Click on SysCloud security and backup-1

  5. Turn on the application: Check whether the application has been turned on for everyone in the admin console. 
    1. Click on the SysCloud app and click on “Distribution”

      Click on distribution-1
    2. Under 'Service Selection' option, click on the option 'ON for everyone' and click on 'SAVE'.

      Switch it on for everyone
  6. Data access: If data access has not been enabled, the application would not be able to back up data. Check whether data access has been granted for SysCloud in the admin console.
    1. Click on the SysCloud app and click on “Grant access” under the data access section.

      Grant data access (1)
  7. API access: If API access has not been granted, the backup application would not be able to function properly.
    1. Click on the hamburger menu on the left-hand side and select “Security”→“API controls.”

      Go to security and then API controls (1)
    2. Go to App access control and click on "MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS".

      Manange third party app access
    3. Click on the SysCloud app

      click on SysCloud app
    4. Go to “App Access” →  “Access configurations” and select “Trusted: Can access all Google services” and then click on “SAVE”.

      Configure app access (1)