How to restore QuickBooks Online transactions from SysCloud backup archives?

Follow the steps below to restore QuickBooks Online transactions from the SysCloud backup application: 

Step 1: Log in to your SysCloud account.

Step 2: Click “Archives> QuickBooks Online”.

Step 1-1

Step 3: Select the company you want to restore the transactions to.

Select the company you want-1

Step 4: Click “Transactions” from the navigation menu on top.

Click transactions from the top menu bar

Step 5: Select the type of transaction you want to restore.

Step 6: Select the transaction you want to restore. You can select multiple transactions at once. Click “Restore” from the action bar on top.

Restore button edited

Step 7: In the confirmation dialog box, select the checkbox beside “Overwrite transaction” to overwrite the existing transaction (if unselected, the item will be restored with a new ID). You can also add any comments in the Add comment section and this will be added to the restore report. Then, click the Restore button.

dialog box editedCaution: If you unselect the “Overwrite transaction” option, the transactions will be duplicated in your QBO company. This could create discrepancies in your company’s financial statements.

Note: According to QuickBooks Online API, a list entry (such as a Vendor or Customer) corresponding to a transaction should exist when the transaction is being restored. If the list entry is deactivated or deleted, SysCloud will automatically recreate the list items and then restore the transaction.