How to restore a single file?

Follow these steps to restore a single file from the SysCloud Backup Application:

  1. Log in to the SysCloud Backup Application.
  2. Click “Backup”→“Archive & Restore.”

    backup_archive restore (1)
  3. Select the required G Suite app: Mail, Drive, Contact, Calendar, or Sites.

    select application_drive
  4. Select the file.

    Select file
  5. Click “Restore” and select “Selected Items.”

    restore_selected items-1
  6. Select restore options if needed:
    1. Create a folder for restoring the file.
    2. Restore the file with sharing permissions
      and click “Restore.”

      restore with sharing permissions
  7. Click “Yes” to restore the file.


    1. You can restore only the files owned by you. For the files owned by other users, ask them to reshare the files. 
    2. If you restore an existing file, it will get updated to the backed-up version of the file.