What should I do if a file is missing from the backup archive?

If a file is missing from the archive, do the following:

  • If you have just installed the application and started the backup, wait for at least 24–36 hours for the process to be completed
  • If you have upgraded from your trial, wait for the transition from trial user to a customer to be completed
  • Check if the backup settings have been enabled for the user: "Backup"→"Settings"
Backup setting option
  • Click “Manage Users”
Manage users-1
  • Check if the backup process has been completed for the user: "Backup"→"Reports"
Backup reports
  • Click “User Summary”
User summary
  • Check if all the folders including Trash (Google Drive)/Recycle Bin (OneDrive) have been included in the backup schedule
  • Check if you moved the file to a different location after the backup was completed
  • Check if the user’s backup storage limit has been exceeded – upgrade the storage limit


If none of these works, contact helpdesk@syscloud.com.