Backup archives

What should I do if a file is missing from the backup archive?

If a file is missing from the archive, do the following:

If you have just installed the application and started the backup, wait for at least 24–36 hours for the process to be completed

If you have upgraded from your trial, wait for the transition from trial user to a customer to be completed

Check if the backup settings have been enabled for the user:
  • Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Users”
start backup issue_manage users
  • Click on the “Settings” icon  Settings icon and check if all the applications have been turned on for the user
Select the G Suite services
  • Check if the backup process has been completed for the user by clicking Go to “Backup”→“Reports”→“Backup Status by User”
  • Check if you moved the file to a different location after the backup was completed
  • Check if the user’s backup storage limit has been exceeded – upgrade the storage limit


If none of these works, contact