What are the types of roles and their access levels on the SysCloud Backup Application?

We have 3 roles for backup:

1. Super Administrator – Full Access

  • Restore backup data to the same user account or a different account
  • Export data to PST
  • Preview the email archives

2. Administrator – Read-Only Access

  • Restore backup data into the same user account
  • Cannot export data
  • Cannot preview the email archives

3. Personal – Individual User Access

  • Restore only their account data
  • Export only their account data
  • Preview the email archives
  • Cannot view/restore/export other users’ archives

Here’s how you can set the roles:

  1. Click “Setup”→“Manage Admin Roles.”
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon under the “Actions” section for a system role and click “Edit.”

    Edit actions
  3. Check the names of the users and click “UPDATE ROLE” to assign roles.

    Update role


  1. You can search for a user using the search bar on the top of the user list page.
  2. You can click on a username under the “Members” section to assign access levels or remove them from the administrator list.
  3. You can also create a custom admin role (for security and compliance) by clicking “+ ADD SECURITY ROLE” and selecting the domain, users, and policies.