How do I uninstall the SysCloud Application from G Suite?

Follow these steps to uninstall the SysCloud Application:

  1. Log in to the G Suite Admin Console with your account credentials.
  2. Click “Apps.”

    12. apps-1
  3. Click “Marketplace apps.”

    13. marketplace apps-1
  4. Scroll down and click “SysCloud Security And Backup.”

    14. syscloud application-1
  5. Click on the “Remove App” icon.

    15. remove app
  6. Click “REMOVE APP.”

          16. remove SysCloud app

          Note: Uninstalling SysCloud will not delete your data stored in the backup archives. If you want to delete your Syscloud account and all the associated data, send a deletion request email to We will delete the data and send you a confirmation email.