Updating the Domain Administrator in Your SysCloud Account

Error Message: Backup failed. It appears that the SysCloud Application Super Administrator no longer has the required privileges in G Suite to sync users, organization units, and groups.

Follow these steps to update the Domain Administrator in your SysCloud account:

  1. Login to your SysCloud Backup Account with the G Suite/Office 365 credentials associated with the SysCloud Super Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Backup> Settings> Backup Settings page.
  3. In the Backup Settings page, select from the dropdown menu the domain for which you are facing the issue.

    5. Domain
  4. Then, check the ‘Domain Administrator Email’ field. The user email address set for the domain should be a Super Administrator in your G Suite/Office 365. Please update the field as needed.

    6. Domain administrator email
  5. After making the necessary changes, save it by clicking on the ‘SAVE SETTINGS’ button.

    7. Save settings
  6. The user sync will resume once the changes are made.