How to check policy violation content in document/email?

Follow these steps to check the text that matches a policy violation:

  1. Log in to SysCloud with your credentials.
  2. Based on the type of policy that has the violation, click on any of the following options:
    1. “DLP”→“Policies”
    2. “Apps Firewall”→“Policies”
    3. “User Behavior”→“Policies”
    4. “Compliance”→“Policies.”
    5. “Web Filter”→“Flagged activities.”

      policy not working_policy violations
  3. Click the document name.
  4. Under “Violation Conditions,” check the “Violation Match” section to view the policy category and the content matching the policy violation.

    violation content_violation match

Note: For emails, select the “Mail” option and follow the same steps to view policy violation content.