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What are the areas of expertise of SysCloud Sky?

SysCloud Sky can assist you with a limited set of prompts that are listed below, 


Examples of prompts 


SysCloud features & limitations 

Which objects can be backed up using Salesforce backup with SysCloud? 

Knowledge base 

DPC and Blogs 

Assistance with SysCloud setup 

How to setup a backup job for Google Workspace? 

How to set up a backup job for Slack? 

How to add a new user to an existing backup job? 

How to set retention for the backed-up data? 

Knowledge base 

Help with archive actions 

How to restore a single Google Drive file? 

How to restore Shared Drive files with collaborators? 

Can I restore Google Classroom Grades? 

Knowledge base 

Troubleshooting errors 

How can I resolve the error "SysCloud uninstalled from Google Workspace account"? 

How can I resolve the limitation "API limit reached"? 

Knowledge base 

Dashboard information 

What percentage of backup is complete for Slack workspace <workspace1>? 

How much incremental data did SysCloud backup today in Google workspace backups? 

How many users are paused under Microsoft 365 account <account1>? 

Application/Customer account 

Filtered archives 

Search for a document 'MyData1.pdf' in user1@syscloud.com Google Workspace archives? 

Application/Customer account 

General questions about SaaS data protection 

Why should I backup my Salesforce data? 

DPC and Blogs