SysCloud application

Whitelist SysCloud App in G Suite Admin Console

Please follow the below steps to whitelist the ‘SysCloud Security And Backup’ in your G Suite Admin Console. The app needs to be whitelisted for your SysCloud account to operate optimally.

  1. Login into your G Suite Admin console (
  2. Go to Security > App access control.
  3. In the App access control page, click on the ‘MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APPS ACCESS’ option.

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  4. You will be redirected to the Manage App Access Control page where all the third-party apps installed in your G Suite account are listed.

    2 (1)
  5. Use the filter provided to search for ‘SysCloud Security And Backup’ under ‘App name’.

    3 (1)
  6. Make ‘Access’ for all the apps with the name ‘SysCloud Security And Backup’ is set to ‘Trusted’.

    4 (1)
  7. If any of the ‘SysCloud Security And Backup’ app has ‘Access’ set to ‘Limited’, you must change it to ‘Trusted’, by clicking on the ‘Change Access’ option.

    5 (1)