Why are some users in my domain unable to access SysCloud application to manage their backup?

If users are unable to access the SysCloud application, please follow these steps:

  1. User sync: if users have been newly added to the Admin Console and not synced with the application, they would not be able to access the application. You can initiate on-demand sync with these steps:

    * Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Domains.”

    active user suspended_manage domains
    * Click the “Domain Sync” icon to sync your users.

  2. End-user access: If end-user access is turned off for your domain, users cannot open or use the application. Follow these steps to turn on the end-user access for your domain:

    * Click “Setup”→“Settings”→“End-User Access.”

    End-user access-4
    * Toggle the “Backup” to ON.

    end-user access toggle
    * Check “Apply to all archived user settings” and click “✓ Yes.”

    End-user access confirm-1

If you still face issues, contact helpdesk@syscloud.com.