Why did my restore get stuck? What should I do to fix restore failure?

The restore process might not be completed due to the following reasons:

  1. File ownership: If you are not the owner of a file or folder, it cannot be restored to your OneDrive. You have to ask the file/folder owner to share it again with you (or) export the files and manually upload them to your OneDrive.
  2. Access error:  When trying to fetch an item or restore it, the application might encounter an access error. The application will automatically make multiple attempts to fetch and restore the item. When these retries happen, it might seem like the restore is stuck. Check again after a while. The restore process should be completed.
  3. Limitations: Restore errors might also occur due to access issues or limitations in the Office 365 Application.


The backup and restore process may fail if the user does not have an Office 365 license for OneDrive/SharePoint.

To learn about assigning licenses to users, click here.

If you are still unable to fix the issue, contact helpdesk@syscloud.com.