Why do certain files fail to restore or not available for export?

1. Partial backups

SysCloud backs up the metadata (Examples: To, From, CC, BCC, Subject for an email, and file name, file type, owner for files) first and then backs up the content (body of the email or contents of the file). There can be a delay between the meta data backup and the content backup due to SaaS application API usage quota restrictions. If the email/file is deleted in the SaaS application before the metadata and data is backed up, restore and export of the email/file may fail.


2. SaaS application API limitations

SysCloud restores the data to the SaaS application via the API provided and managed by the SaaS application vendor. SaaS APIs often have usage limits in the form of daily quotas and may limit access to the services for any reason.

Here are some examples of such limitations:

  1. Google imposes daily API usage quota for every Google account
  2. Google Sites API does not allow restoring sites with ‘_’(underscore) in their name.
  3. Google may return an undefined error message for a file or email when SysCloud requests access to restore the same.

SysCloud is designed to automatically attempt multiple retry attempts to overcome API limitations when attempting to restore data to the SaaS application. Some of these limitations are recorded and shown as in-app messages/updates in the restore reports.


3. Other SaaS Limitations

Every SaaS app being backed up by SysCloud has a unique set of limitations that may not allow SysCloud to restore every file, email or record. For example, Google Workspace does not allow restoring data to a suspended user account. Some of these instances are also recorded and shown in the restore reports.