How to create a policy that checks OneDrive or Google Drive for Social Security number and birth details?

Follow these steps to create a policy for flagging the presence of personal information in OneDrive and Google Drive:

  1. Log in to the SysCloud application with your account credentials.

    Login to SysCloud
  2. Click “Safety, Security & Compliance”→“Create Policy.”

    Create Policy-1
  3. Click “Sensitive content.”

    Sensitive Content
  4. Name the policy and click “NEXT.”

    Policy name
  5. Select the scope for the policy: Domains & Accounts, Users, or Template.

    Scope of policy


    1. You can also exclude certain users in the selected scope or include certain users outside the scope chosen in the previous step.
    2. If you are creating multiple policies, you can create a custom template comprising specific users for configuring all the policies.

  6.   Choose the services to be checked and click “NEXT.”
         Select services  7.  Select whether you want to apply the policy for all files, a few (confidential) files, or for                     certain types of files.
       Document criteria

  8. Under the “Content conditions” section, select the required information and set the risk                   threshold and click on “NEXT”. 

Content Conditions-1

      Note: Choose “AND” if you want both the words to be present in the document (or) choose                          “OR” if any one of the words is enough to be termed as violation.

  9.  Choose real-time actions to be taken in the case of violations and click on “NEXT”.

real time actions 
10. Choose whether a policy violator can request an exception with justification and click on                   “NEXT”.

Exception management 
11. Select the email alert settings for policy announcements and policy violations.

sleect email alerts

  12. Click “CREATE & ACTIVATE.”

create and activate-1