How to do bulk user restore using the CSV upload option?

Applicable for both Turbo and Legacy backup versions.

Bulk restore using CSV user list is not supported in the application, as restore features such as sharing permissions, custom folder creation, and cross-user restore cannot be done using the CSV upload option.

However, you can do a bulk user restore by sending an email to Please download the CSV template, fill in the details, and attach the filled-in CSV file with your email.

Bulk CSV upload

Here is an explanation for the information needed in the CSV file: 

    1. Source email ID: The account from which the data needs to be restored
    2. Destination email ID: The account to which the data needs to be restored

      Note: Destination account must be an active account within the same domain as the source email ID. Cross-domain restore is not supported
    3. Clouds: Mention whether you are using G Suite
    4. Services: List of applications containing the data to be restored: Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Contact, or Site
    5. Type of restore: Specific files or full account restore

      Note: For the data restore to be completed, ensure that the accounts are active in the admin console and the necessary permissions have been enabled.