The auto-backup process is not functioning. What should I do to resolve it?

If the backup process has not started, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. API access: If API access has not been granted, the backup application would not be able to function properly. In your G Suite admin console, go to “Security”→“API reference”→“Enable API access.”

    Fix restore_enable api access
  2. Data access: If data access has not been enabled, the application would not be able to back up data. Check whether data access has been granted for SysCloud in the admin console. Go to “Apps”→“Marketplace apps”→“Settings for SysCloud”→“Security And Backup”→“Service Status.” Click “ON for everyone.”

    Fix restore_On for everyone
  3. Turn on backup: If backup is turned off for the particular user, the backup process would not be completed. Enable backup with these steps:
    1. Log in to SysCloud Backup Application with your credentials.
    2. Click “Backup”→“Archive & Restore.”
      support.syscloud.comsupportsolutionsarticles6000217341--exporting-restoring-drive-archive-datahitSelect the archive & restore option
    3. Locate the user by entering the username or email address in the search bar.
    4. Under “Backup Status,” select the status as “Active” and click “Yes.”
      Start backup issue_active
    5. Start the backup by clicking “Backup”→“Start Backup.”
    6. Add the users and click “START BACKUP.”
  4. Enable backup: Check if the auto backup feature has been enabled at the Organization Unit (OU) level and domain level.
    1. Organization Unit (OU) level:

      1. Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Users” and click “ORG UNITS.”

        start backup issue_manage users
      2. Toggle the “AUTO BACKUP” to “ON” for the required Org Unit name and click “Yes” to confirm the action.
        Start backup issue_ou level
    2. Domain level:
      1. Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Backup settings.”
        SysCloud backup settings
      2. Toggle the “Add new Domain users” to “ON” and click “Yes” to confirm the action.
        Start backup issue_add new users
  5. Check user status: To know the backup issues related to a specific user account, click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Manage Users.” 
    start backup issue_manage users

    Filter the “Backup Status” to “Notification” to check the issues associated with a specific user’s backup.
  6. License count: If you are using a user-based plan, you will have a limited number of licenses. Check if the number of current users in your domain has exceeded the available number of licenses. To check the number of licenses, click here.


If you are still unable to fix the issue, contact