How to restore channels in Slack from the SysCloud backup application? 

Follow the steps below to restore Slack channels from the SysCloud backup application: 

Step 1: Log in to SysCloud using your admin credentials. 

Step 2: Click on “Archives” and select Slack from the Backup and Restore drop-down. 

Archive drop dowm

Step 3: Select your workspace from the list.  

Workspace list

Step 4: Select the channel(s) to restore the data by clicking the checkbox next to the channel name. 

Step 5: Click on “Restore.” 


Step 5: Select the snapshot date and time and select whether to overwrite the threads. 

Note: If selected, all the threads available in the selected channels will be overwritten with the version available in the snapshot. If not selected, only the deleted threads will be restored. 

Step 6: Add comments to be shown in the restore report (optional) and click on “Restore” to confirm the restore.