How to restore data objects in Salesforce from the SysCloud backup application?

Follow the steps below to restore Salesforce objects from the SysCloud backup application:  

Step 1: Log in to SysCloud using your admin credentials.  

Step 2: Click “Archives” and select “Salesforce” from the Backup and Restore drop down. 

Step 3: Select the organization you want to restore the object(s) from. 

Step 4: Select the object(s) you want to restore by selecting the checkbox beside the object name.  

Step 5: Click “Restore.”  

Note: You can only restore objects that have “Restore” displayed under the “Restorable” column. 

Step 6: In the confirmation dialog box, select the checkbox next to “Restore all levels of child records” if you want to restore all the child objects associated with the object. If this is left unchecked, only the selected object(s) and the other mandatory object(s) associated with it (if any) will be restored. 

  • Select the checkbox beside “Create new records” if you want the object to be duplicated with a new ID. 
  •  Select the checkbox beside “Overwrite record(s)” to overwrite the selected object (if unselected, the object will be restored with a new ID). The  
  • Select the checkbox beside “Skip if present in Salesforce” to skip restore if duplicate objects are found. 

Step 7: Add comments (if any) to be shown in the restore report, and click the “Restore” button. 


  1. Records in the recycle bin will be undeleted during restore. Since a record cannot be restored while in the recycle bin, SysCloud undeletes a record and then restores it. In doing so, the record ID does not change. 
  1. Validation rules and workflows will be disabled during restore and reenabled after restore.