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How to start the backup for a newly added classroom using the SysCloud backup application?

Applicable for both Turbo and Legacy backup versions.

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Turbo backup

Follow the below steps to start the backup for a newly added classroom in the Turbo version of the SysCloud backup application.

Note: If you have newly added a classroom to your Google Workspace account, you will need to perform a Classroom sync before starting the backup for the account. Only then, you'll be able to add the new classroom to the backup job.

To perform a Classroom sync, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Settings icon and click Cloud Connection Center from the dropdown menu. 

Cloud connection center

  • Step 2: In the Cloud Connection Center, click the pencil icon next to Google Workspace.

Pencil icon

  • Step 3: In the Connection status pop-up, select the account for which you want to perform the Classroom sync. Click the Sync button and select Classroom sync to sync the classrooms in the account. 

Classroom sync

You will get a message saying Classroom sync has been initiated successfully. The newly added classroom can now be added to a backup job.

  • Step 4: Navigate to the Jobs tab and click on the job that includes the Google Workspace account to which the new Classroom has been added. 

Jobs and select Classroom-1

  • Step 5: In the side panel that opens, click on the Edit button.
Edit job

  • Step 6: Click Next until you reach the page where you can define the backup scope for Google Workspace. Click on the pencil icon under Apps to edit the apps included in the backup job. 

    Edit  Apps
  • Step 7: From the list of apps, click on the link next to Google Classroom showing the number of classrooms included in the selected backup job.

    Click on the link next to Classroom (1)
  • Step 8: In the side tray that opens, select the newly added classroom that you need to include in the backup job, and click Confirm. Click Confirm again and click Start backup.
Select the new classroom-1

This will start the backup for the newly added classroom.

Note: If the auto-backup option is turned on, SysCloud will back up all new classrooms automatically.

Legacy backup

Follow the below steps to start the backup for a newly added classroom in the Legacy version of the SysCloud backup application.

Step 1: Log in to the SysCloud backup application using your admin credentials. 

Step 2: Click Backup→Archive & Restore. 

Archives and Restore (1)Step 3: Select the Classroom tab and find the newly added classroom from the list. 

Step 4: Select the new classroom and from the Actions tab, select Start Backup. 

new classroomStep 5: Click on Start Backup to confirm backup. 

new class confirmation