How do I install the SysCloud application for an Office 365 domain?

Follow these steps to install the SysCloud Application:

  1. Log in to the Azure Marketplace with your account credentials.
  2. Click here to view the SysCloud Application on the Azure Marketplace.
  3. Click “FREE TRIAL.”

    27. free trial
  4. Check the terms of use and click “Continue.”

    28. O 365 continue
  5. Click “Accept.”

    29. accept o365
  6. Click “GET STARTED→.”

    30. get started
  7. Fill in the contact details and click “Next→.”

    31. next_g suite
  8. Fill in the organization details and click “Next→.”

    32. install_next 2
  9. Check the required services, select the cloud, and click “Next→.”

    34. products_O365
  10. Read the privacy policy, terms of service, check the accept option, and click “SUBMIT.”

    35. submit
  11. Click “START FREE TRIAL” for Backup or Encryption – or click “REQUEST FREE TRIAL” for Safety, Security & Compliance.

    36. start free trial


To log in to your SysCloud account, follow these steps.