What are the limitations of SysCloud backup for HubSpot?

Due to HubSpot API limitations, SysCloud backup for HubSpot does not include the following items: 

  • Company-based lists 
  •  Workflows except contact-based workflows 
  • Folders except file and design tool folders 
  • Conversations -inbox, chat flows, snippets, and conversation templates 
  •  Social media posts 
  • Campaigns 
  •  CTAs 
  • Sales documents 
  • Meetings 
  •  Playbooks 
  • Quotes 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Sequences 
  • Reports 
  • Blog settings 
  • User settings 

Beta version limitations: 

  • Custom objects, feedback surveys, static lists, and properties are not backed up 
  • Multiple HubSpot accounts will not be backed up 
  • No option to compare backup snapshots 
  • Backup frequency is limited to 1x/day 
  • Backup data insights (ransomware, phishing, and compliance scan) are not available 
  • Custom admin roles cannot be added 
  • Account level reports are not available 
  • Limited audit logs for backup events 
  • Multi-factor authentication is not supported 
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is not supported 
  • Limited backup trends 

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