What are the limitations associated with restoring deleted HubSpot records using SysCloud?

Due to HubSpot’s API limitations, SysCloud cannot restore deleted records with their original record IDs. Therefore, all deleted records will be restored with a new record id. As a result, any active list or workflow that uses record ID as a filter criterion would be affected. Administrators will have to remember to manually review and change the filters to re-enroll the records into workflows and active lists. 

Limitations in restoring deleted lists

Due to HubSpot API limitations, lists cannot be restored to their parent folder even if the folder exists in the HubSpot account. For example, consider this scenario. You have a folder named “Customer Lists” that contains 6 lists. One of these lists named “Non-Edu Customers” is deleted. When this list is restored using SysCloud, it cannot be restored to its original folder “Customer Lists” even though the folder exists in the HubSpot account. 

Limitations in restoring forms 

In every HubSpot form, there is a section called Submissions that displays all the contacts who submitted the form, along with the date and time of submission. Due to HubSpot API limitations, SysCloud cannot restore form submissions with their original submission dates. Instead, the date of restore will be displayed as the date of submission. Contact information such as name and email address are not affected and will remain intact. 

For example, a contact submitted a form on 02/07/2022. If this form was deleted and was restored on 03/09/2022, the restored record would show 03/09/2022 as the date of submission. 

Beta version limitations

  • Cross-account restore is not available 
  • Account-level restore is not available 
  • End-user self-service restore is not available 
  • Limited audit logs for restore and export events 
  • No restore trends available 
  • Account-level reports are not available 
  • Objects and records cannot be exported 
  • Instant download option is not available 

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