What happens if I select the "Overwrite records" option during restore?

  • If you choose to overwrite records while restoring an entire object or specific records to a particular point in time, the existing records of that object will be overwritten with the selected snapshot data. This means that not only will the deleted records get restored, but also the ones that have been modified will roll back to a previous point in time. Therefore, admins must be cautious while choosing to overwrite data as it might result in data getting modified in bulk. 
  • If the option to overwrite the records is unselected, only the deleted records will be restored; the records which are already present in HubSpot will be skipped during the restore, even if a modified version exists in the selected snapshot. 
  • For example, consider this scenario. An object Contacts has 500 records.  

    50 of these contact records have been deleted from the HubSpot account, while another 100 records have been modified. If you check the option “Overwrite records,” the object with all its records will roll back to the selected point in time - 150 records will be restored. (50 deleted records will be restored, and 100 modified records will be overwritten) 

    Whereas, if the option “Overwrite records” is unchecked, only the 50 deleted records will be restored. The 100 records which have been modified will be skipped during the restore, since they are already present in HubSpot.