How to restore files shared in Slack using the SysCloud backup application? 


  1.  All files stored inside Slack are available as links. Therefore, Syscloud's backup archives cannot show the file. When you restore a file, the link is automatically converted to a file by Slack after the restore.
  2.  Due to Slack’s architecture, a thread cannot exist without its channel. If the channel has been deleted, SysCloud will create a channel with the same name and restore the thread. 

Follow the steps below to restore files shared in Slack using SysCloud application:  

Step 1: Login to SysCloud application using your admin credentials. 

Step 2: Click on “Archives” and select Slack from the Backup and Restore drop down. 

Step 3: Select your workspace and select the tab “Workspace Files.”  

Note: Slack files are available in Slack conversations. SysCloud makes it easier for the users to search, view, and restore their files with the “Workspace Files” tab. 

Step 4: Select the file(s) to be restored by clicking the checkbox next to it and click “Restore.” 

Note: To view a file and its contents, click on the file name. 

Step 5: Select snapshot date and time; add comments to be shown in the restore report (optional) and click on “Restore” to confirm the restore.