How do I enable the auto-backup function on the SysCloud Application?

Follow these steps to enable the auto-backup function:

  1. Turn on auto-backup for domain:
    1. Click “Backup”→“Settings.”

    2. Toggle the “Auto-Backup” to “ON.”
      auto-backup on
    3. Click “SAVE SETTINGS.”
      save settings
  2. Enable backup at the Organization Unit (OU) level:
    1. Click “Backup”→“Settings.”
    2. Click “ORG UNITS.”
      org units
    3. Toggle the “AUTO BACKUP” to “ON” for the required Org Unit and click “Yes” to confirm the action.
      org unit auto-backup on

      3. Override default settings: If the auto-backup process is not turned on for the Org Units, by default, it will be the same as the auto-backup settings for the domain. Follow these steps to change the backup settings for a single Org Unit:
      1. Click “Backup”→“Settings.”
      2. Select “ORG UNITS.”
        org units
      3. Under the “ORG UNITS” section, click on the vertical ellipsis beside the Org Unit.

        org unit vertical ellipsis
      4. Select “Backup Settings.”

        OU backup settings
      5. Select the applications to be backed up and any other settings for this specific Org Unit.

        Apps select
      6. Select the scope for the settings.
        OU scope select

    4. License count: If you are using a user-based plan, you might have a limited number of licenses. Check if the number of current users in your domain has exceeded the available number of licenses before enabling the auto-backup feature. To check the number of licenses, click here.

        If you are still unable to fix the issue, contact