You might encounter the error message “Unable to back up due to file deletion” in the Backup Archives (Status column) page/Dashboard (Backup Health section)/Backup Health Status Report.

This is a permanent error and requires a workaround.

Error Message: SharePoint file no longer available

Here’s why we are unable to back up your data.

The SharePoint file backup could not be completed because the file was deleted. Since the file was deleted, the Microsoft Graph API request could not be completed by SysCloud. This is a Microsoft API limitation.


There are two ways to recover this file:

  1. SharePoint: Check for the file in the SharePoint site’s recycle bin. To learn how to recover files from a SharePoint site’s recycle bin folder, refer to this article. However, If the file was deleted permanently, it cannot be recovered.
  2. SysCloud Application: Check whether the SharePoint site’s owner account is backed up in your SysCloud archives. If the file owner’s data was backed up, search for the file in their Sharepoint backup archive and restore it.