Why are calendar events not backed up? How to resolve the issue?

If calendar events are not be backed up, it could be due to any of these reasons:

  1. Application access: For the backup application to function properly, you have to grant third-party access from G Suite/Office 365 and turn on the backup services in the application settings. To learn how to grant access, click here.
  2. Calendar application: If backup service is not enabled for the Calendar application. Follow these steps to switch on backup for the Calendar application:
    1. Log in to SysCloud Backup Application with your credentials.
    2. Click “Backup”→“Settings”→“Backup Settings.”

      Start backup issue_backup settings-1
    3. Toggle the “Calendar” service to “ON” and click “Save Settings” to confirm the action.

      calendar backup_service on
  3. Retention period: If the retention period for Calendar is set for a short period of time, the backed up events might be deleted after the preset time period is over. To learn how to set retention period, click here.