How to Backup SharePoint Sites (Communication and Team Sites) and Microsoft Teams Sites in SysCloud?

SysCloud supports the backup of SharePoint sites that includes both Communication Sites as well as Team Sites. SysCloud also backs up data associated with Teams Sites that are created from Microsoft Teams.

To learn more about the different types of sites included in SysCloud backup, click here.

Sites backup can be managed in the “Archives & Restore” page.

Follow the steps to access and manage the SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams Sites backup:

  1. Login to the SysCloud application with your credentials
    Note: You should be an Administrator to view the SharePoint & Teams Site archives
  2. Click on “Backup” → “Archives & Restore”
    1. Backup Tab-1
  3. Click on the “SharePoint & Team Sites” tab in the “Archives & Restore” page
    2. Archives & Restore-1
  4. This tab shows you all the sites available on the backed up domain.
    3. Sites Tab
  5. This page allows you to search for a specific site based on “Title” or “Status” or “Type”
    4. Title Search
    5. Status
    6. Type-1
    *Please note that “Other Sites” refers to the communication Sites and Team Sites created in SharePoint without a corresponding Team in Microsoft Teams.
  6. Select the Sites which you need to backup by clicking on the checkbox on the left of the Title column corresponding to the site. Then click on “Actions” on the right and select “Start Backup” to backup the selected sites.
    7. Start Backup
  7. Select “Yes” on the Confirmation to start the backup for selected sites.
    8. Confirmation pop up
  8. Now you can see the sites, queued for backup.
    9. Queued
  9. Alternatively you can backup each site by clicking on the “ ⠇” symbol in each row and click on “Start Backup”.
    10. Individual Backup

To learn, how to restore the backed up Sites from SysCloud Archives, click here.